In The Pit Radio #11 – Maricon

June 22, 2019 Jeff 0

5Hole and Jeff discuss a wide variety of topics including Jose Mangin “borrowing” 5Hole’s gimmick. We talk about the new Rock Iconz Pantera collection, what would have been today with the band, and a wise man still says Sacred Reich sucks. Play in new […]

In The Pit Radio # 10 – Pour Some Sugar On Me

June 8, 2019 Jeff 0

We return after a week off, with big news! We discuss the thought, more so the probability of Jose Mangin stealing 5Hole’s gig. We discuss the amazing new Death Angel album “Humanicide”. We get an update from the P.R. Department, and receive the news that […]

In The Pit Radio #9 – The Recycling Club….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

May 25, 2019 Jeff 0

We read our weekly PR critique email, confirming our PR Rep think Jeff and 5Hole are special needs. We are very excited to welcome back our friend Marzi Montazeri to discuss all things Heavy As Texas, the upcoming tour, the possibility of Exhorder making a […]