In The Pit Radio #13 - Socks Redemption

5Hole paces himself this week, almost making it to The Black Out Hour, but half dusted redeems himself in the eyes of management, more importantly Socks! We discuss the new Exhorder and new Hatriot releases. Socks tries to wow the listeners with his …

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In The Pit Radio #11 - Maricon

5Hole and Jeff discuss a wide variety of topics including Jose Mangin “borrowing” 5Hole’s gimmick. We talk about the new Rock Iconz Pantera collection, what would have been today with the band, and a wise man still says Sacred Reich sucks.

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In The Pit Radio # 10 - Pour Some Sugar On Me

We return after a week off, with big news! We discuss the thought, more so the probability of Jose Mangin stealing 5Hole’s gig. We discuss the amazing new Death Angel album “Humanicide”. We get an update from the P.R. Department, and receive the news…

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In The Pit Radio #9 - The Recycling Club....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

We read our weekly PR critique email, confirming our PR Rep think Jeff and 5Hole are special needs. We are very excited to welcome back our friend Marzi Montazeri to discuss all things Heavy As Texas, the upcoming tour, the possibility of Exhorder ma…

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In The Pit Radio # 8 - The Atonement

Jeff and  5Hole set out to make up for their mishaps from last week. No surprise, 5Hole is totally dusted again and apologizes numerous times. He paints a picture of Cleveland’s finest mentally challenged lovers, and their public display of affection…

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In The Pit Radio #7: The Disclaimer

Jeff and The 5Hole get direction from Laura, little tips to tweak this shipwreck of a show, only she said nothing!!! After we find our new publicist, as usual 5Hole gets shitty, they enlist the help of Plan B, after Socks bails on his big debut.

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Kyle Thomas of Exhorder Interview

We are excited to welcome back old friend Kyle Thomas of Exhorder to talk about all he has going on, the new Exhorder album, the Cleveland Browns, and more.

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In The Pit Radio 6 Fresh Materials Part Deux

Jeff and the 5Hole start things off tonight with well wishes for that dickhole Gordo. After about 15 minutes and a Jason Bittner interview later, 5Hole is shitty again and ready to make some calls. He reaches out on the call back to Rhonda at Wendy’s…

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Jason Bittner of Overkill interview

Maximum Threshold / In The Pit Radio Exclusive!

The two teams pair up to interview Overkill drummer, and old friend  Jason Bittner.  Jason discusses his transition into the band,  and recording “The Wings of War.”

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Ramblings 3. Hood Rat Hands

March 30, 2019 5hole 0

Here’s a question that keeps popping in my head randomly and then consumes more time than it should. “why are girls who wear multiple rings…on multiple fingers…on both hands, always impoverished hood rats?” Its never the well-to-do snobby cunts who do this. It is always […]