Vinnie La Bella gets reacquainted with his son, Vito D. La Bella

In case you guys were not lucky enough to see Exhorder in Cincinnati on Sept. 20th, here is the video of that special night.  Marzi Montazeri decided to give Vinnie La Bella a unique gift to celebrate the release of of Exhorder’s first release in 27 years, “Mourn the Southern Skies.”  After a long and tedious search, Marzi was able to track down Vinnie’s son, who he hasn’t seen in over 20 years.

Watch as Father and Son get reunited on stage, and rock out together to “Hallowed Sound.”

We told ya for months we were goin to Cincinnati to be with Exhorder on the day they released their first album in 27 years. As usual, 5Hole got insanely dusted sampling tequila since early in the morning. We were hanging out, having an awesome time, then he disappeared. Next thing I know Vinnie is reunited with his son Vito D. La Bella?!?!? Tha Faaaaaq?!?!?

Posted by In The Pit Radio on Saturday, September 28, 2019

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