Medicated Savage – “Castle of Bones” (2019 Medicated Savage)

There  are a couple podcasts that i listen to religiously, every week.   One of them always plays music to close out the show.  This is where i came across Medicated Savage.

Normally I don’t pay attention to the music at the end of these shows.   They are almost always not worth mentioning.   But this song piqued my interest.  So much in fact, that I spent the next 20 minutes on my lunch trying to figure out who the fuck they were and how the fuck I could get their music.  Unfortunately, the only thing i could find of theirs to purchase was one song on a various artists compilation.  I did however find a handful of videos that they released on the Youtube.  As far as i could tell, it looked like they released a self titled cd at some point, but i was not able to find any place where i could purchase this thing.  So, i have spent the past 3 or 4 months listening to the one purchased song and periodically hitting up the videos on the Youtube.

But guess what, you degenerates?  Time has come and the Savage ones have decided to put out a new cd.   “Castle of Bones.”  I…..The 5hole, have decided to use this cd to launch my first review for ITP.

Lets start of with a track listing.  Just in case you are into that kind of thing.

1.  Tarantula

2. Skywalker’s End

3.  What We Do

4.  Dreamer

5.  My Friend the Leveler

6.  The Owl’s Tale

7.  Thre3-6-9ine

8.  Blood of the Heros

9.  The Great Inventor

10.  Unsung

11.  Clarity

The First time i listened to this album, it didn’t blow my dick off.  However, i will be the first to admit that i was listening to it while i was doing mundane bullshit tasking around the house.   So i did not give it my undivided attention.  I thought it was ok, but i wasn’t ready to go mount something.  Then i decided to listen to it while i watched the Pittsburgh Penguins hand the Washington Crapitals a 5-3 loss.  I turned down the game commentary and turned up the Medicated Savage.  And This… when the album blew my dick off.  In fact, i listened to the album 3 straight times while i watched these 2 teams knock each other around.

The Band itself has a great metal sound going on with like this Hip Hop undertone.  While i was in my marathon listening session, it almost felt as if i was listening to 3 different bands.  It is not a band that has one sound / one trick and rides it till it dies.  The drumming really stuck out to me.   It was beyond solid.  Some of these tracks have some record scratching mixed in.   It fits in well.   And did i hear a fucking didgeridoo to start off “Dreamer?”  Who the fuck decides…..”hey. let’s start off this song with a fucking aboriginal instrument” ?

Maybe you noticed in the track listing a song called “Unsung.”   Yes.  it is a cover of early 90’s Helmet.  It may be an unpopular opinion, because it is hard to top originals, but i think they did it better.  It is a slightly heavier version with better vocals.

Are you tired of hearing me blow these guys?  If you haven’t noticed, i haven’t been this excited about a band in a long time.  I really have nothing bad to say about this cd, except maybe the album cover.  They could have done better.  But i don’t buy these things to stare at the cover.  So really, if this is my only semi-complaint, i think they did pretty well.   Its worth a buy.  Unlike the other cd, this one is available on the itunes and amazon.  and really, i stopped looking after that because those are the only platforms that the 5hole uses.

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