In The Pit Radio #18 - Blackout Breathalyzer

Jeff and the 5hole start the show with a serious talk about ecosystems, until Socks throws all logic to the wind after a body, riddled with bullet holes washed onto the shore in Chicago.  In true Socks fashion, he explains how the fatality was caused…

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In the Pit Radio #17 - Special Larry on a strange man's ice

The guys start of praising Exhorder again after the idiots are having conversations in the new studio about the possibility of being on the air.  As is becomes apparent that 5hole isn’t playing around, a fifth of tequila is gone, Socks is picking ran…

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Vinnie La Bella gets reacquainted with his son, Vito D. La Bella

In case you guys were not lucky enough to see Exhorder in Cincinnati on Sept. 20th, here is the video of that special night.  Marzi Montazeri decided to give Vinnie La Bella a unique gift to celebrate the release of of Exhorder’s first release in 27 years, “Mourn the Southern Skies.”  After a long and tedious search, Marzi was able to track down Vinnie’s son, who he hasn’t seen in over 20 years.

Watch as Father and Son get reunited on stage, and rock out together to “Hallowed Sound.”

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In The Pit Radio #16 - Finkle is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkle

Jeff and the 5hole are back after a successful trip to Cincinnati to spend the day with Exhorder as they released their first album in 27 years.  They discuss 5hole’s glaring disregard for day drinking etiquette and how the blackout hour can come at …

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Exhorder - Mourn The Southern Skies ( 2019 Nuclear Blast Records)

March 15, 1992, New Orleans own  Exhorder  released their album, “The Law” ,  the follow up to that amazing album followed in 2019. What, 2019, is that right ? Has it really been 27 years since these pioneers have put out any new material ? Unfortuna…

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In The Pit Radio #15 - Behind The PR Bush

Jeff and the 5hole return with technical difficulties again.  Jeff berates the IT department and is paranoid about the ability to stay on air.  5hole keeps his cool by….surprise, drinking tequila.  Before the blackout hour, which arrives 45 minutes…

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In The Pit Radio #14- Fish on the Line

We return after a few weeks of technical difficulties and start off with 5Hole taking us back in time to a marina, where he polished off a bottle of booze and drove kids around in golf carts. Fast forward to today, he returns to the same marina and s…

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In The Pit Radio #13 - Socks Redemption

5Hole paces himself this week, almost making it to The Black Out Hour, but half dusted redeems himself in the eyes of management, more importantly Socks! We discuss the new Exhorder and new Hatriot releases. Socks tries to wow the listeners with his …

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In The Pit Radio #11 - Maricon

5Hole and Jeff discuss a wide variety of topics including Jose Mangin “borrowing” 5Hole’s gimmick. We talk about the new Rock Iconz Pantera collection, what would have been today with the band, and a wise man still says Sacred Reich sucks.

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#1- In The Pit Radio – Interview with Marzi Montazeri

February 28, 2019 Dom Rini 0

Maniac Marzi Montazeri graces the In The Pit Radio airwaves and talks all about his projects. Including his new signature model guitar. Subscribe to us and leave us a comment. follow us @inthepitradio Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android […]