Ramblings: The Alpha

When you hate humanity as much as i do, your life consists of going to work and then heading home. In fact, i get anxiety being around the wretched scum of the earth. Fuck. Going to work and then going straight home? Sounds boring as fuck, doesn’t it? Maybe to most people. But i have Tequila. Wait. Allow me to correct myself. I have a Metric Fuckton of Tequila at my house. And i do what any respectable asshole would do. Self Medicate myself with this Metric Fuckton of mexican greatness.
Once the liver is on it’s way to its saturation point, you can find me standing around in my basement. Wearing a viking helmet. having conversations with Claude. Who is Claude you ask? Claude is the human skull that i have sitting on the shelf in by my bar. I found out that this skull came from a country in Africa called Burundi. I never heard of this country before buying this skull. In fact, i dont really know many countries in Africa.  I really only have heard of Egypt, South Africa and a few countries that always get the Ebola. Oh….And the Congo. That’s my favorite country in the Game Risk. My theory is…..whoever owns the Congo at the beginning of the game, will win the game. Hasn’t failed me yet. Anyway. So yeah. I named him Claude because when i went to the google robot and looked up popular names in Burundi, that was #2. It was a list full of all those dumb french names. i picked one i could tolerate. i guess Burundi known for Genocide. That’s commendable.  i’m all for less people on the planet. The reason i bought this skull is because it was severely weathered. It was left out in the elements. i hope someone plucked this jackass out of a mass grave and then made a quick buck selling him to me. This mother fucker’s spooky ghost just wants his body to be buried with his family and loved ones. Instead, he’s listening to me ramble off to him and my dead dog when i am tying one on. Just standing around…..rambling.
So hey….why not give give claude a reprieve and ramble off for you maggots.
come on here……post whatever thoughts are crossing my mind.

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