Ramblings 3. Hood Rat Hands

Here’s a question that keeps popping in my head randomly and then consumes more time than it should.
“why are girls who wear multiple rings…on multiple fingers…on both hands, always impoverished hood rats?”
Its never the well-to-do snobby cunts who do this. It is always these scary broads who would probably consider “a good date” as sharing a filet-o-fish as they watch you get some shitty back alley tattoo. All those rings do, is draw attention to those insanely ugly and long press on nails that they wear too. Nails so long that they have evolved into these these fucking gutter creatures that have to text with the sides of their fingers. It truly is this strange subculture of human being that i cannot wrap my head around. Oh! and Gold! The rings are always fucking gold. Even though these petri dishes of horrible diseases are glued to the social media, at no point did they realize that no one wears gold anymore……except old jew bitches, of course. But that is like grandfathered in or some shit. Gold is tacky as fuck. Everyone else in the world has moved on to the silver, or the platinum or the white gold. Nope. Not these project hoes.
True story. Im sitting in this chicken wing joint in a complete white trash neighborhood. I mean, why wouldn’t i be? If i was on death row, my last meal would definitely be chicken wings. So….Im sitting there waiting for my to-go order and i look at the table next to me. Complete dumpster fire sitting there. Two girls. Between the two of them, no less than 12 rings adorning their hands. They have more fucking Gold rings than Sonic the Hedgehog. And you know you really have hit the scum jackpot when someone starts putting rings on their thumbs. There were 3 thumb rings present at this shit show. All of these rings were gold and looked like they were pulled out of gumball machines. Not those high brow gumball machines that ask for 2 quarters…..These were definitely single quarter rings. Their shorts were so short i could clearly see about 2/3rds of their cellulite ridden asses along with their thongs. One of these broads was wearing just a bathing suit top. The other wore some ratty ass tshirt that looked like it was stolen from some homeless fuck who used it as a wad of toilet paper at one point or another. With this dynamic duo, was some skinny little guy. He had that whole aura about him that he thought he was a rapper or a gangster or maybe a sanitation worker. This specimen was wearing a wife beater that looked like it was passed down at least 4 generations. There may have been bodily fluids on this thing. I’m not 100% sure and i didnt have a blacklight on me to verify.
As i was sitting there watching this zoo exhibit before me, i realize that one of these girls is in a fairly new relationship with this guy who looks like he would probably touch an old mans dick for meth. It also dawns on me from listening to their conversation that the girl who has decided to team up with this guy is introducing him to her best friend for the first time. What a great impression this guy is trying to make. Especially when he started to say something and his fucking top dentures fell out of his mouth and landed on the table. i repeat. His Fucking Dentures Fell Out Of His Fucking Mouth. How embarrassing right? Nope? This fucking peasant started laughing his ass off, picks them up and rams them back in his mouth. Then goes on to start explaining how he always scares one of his kids by knocking his teeth out of his mouth. So he demonstrates…..Using his tongue to push his teeth out of his mouth. They must have plopped on top of dirty ass table 3 more times. And what were these two broads doing during all this? Did they run in fear? Were they horrified? Nope. They were laughing at this tool. They were having the times of their lives!
This is when the one girl looks at her best friend and says…..”Didn’t i tell you he was a keeper?”
what fucking dimension did i walk into? And then the scary thought hit me. Why is this behavior tolerated in this world? How can this guy procreate? Because dumb fucking bitches who wear multiple rings on multiple fingers apparently will spread their legs for worthless jackasses like this……..and let them cum inside of them.

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